Post Season 5, Column 53: Pioneers fast track their challenges

Sacred Heart comes hot out of the box with next year’s schedule.

John Clark at Sacred Heart has a different perspective when it comes to building a schedule. So many programs struggle to produce a quality schedule, or a schedule at all. Sacred Heart did both by Mid-April. How, Coach? “I look forward to doing our schedule every year and make it as challenging as possible. We’re located in a very good spot and close to a lot of teams we compete against.” Some would point to lining up multiple major tournaments and a large (15) number of duals possibly wearing out the squad prior to the post-season. Rebuttal? “We want our team ready for the end of the year and we also want to challenge them during the year. This years (2022-23) schedule is a great balance of both.” Coach Clark did take the time to point out the Pioneers strength in numbers as something they’re proud to have built. “We have had the biggest team in the country the past two years and will continue to have the biggest team next year. Our roster should be over 70 student athletes and we look forward to see what they can accomplish!” Exclamation point the Coachs. Pretty much ALL the time. Thank you, Coach Clark.

Sacred Heart 2022-23 Schedule

Friday 10/28 Wrestle-Offs

Sat 11/5 @ Lehigh

Sat 11/12 @Journeymen (LIU, Army)

Sun 11/13 @Journeymen Classic

Fri 11/18 Iowa @ Albany

Sun 11/20 @ Keystone Classic

Fri-Sat 12/2-3 @ CKLV

Tue. 12/20 The Citadel

Wed 12/21 American University

Sat 1/7 @ David Lehman Open

Sat 1/14 Duke @ Providence, RI

Sun 1/15 VMI

Sat 1/21 Bucknell

Sat 1/28 Harvard (?)

Sun 1/29 @Franklin & Marshall

Sun 2/5 Bloomsburg

Sat 2/11 Hofstra

Sat 2/18 LIU

Sun 2/19 Brown

Sat-Sun 3/3-4 @ EIWA Tournament

Thu-Sat 3/16-18 @ NCAAs

Challenging from beginning to end. Sacred Heart could be on target for either a 10 or a five win season, and a dozen placewinners between the five tournaments they’ll compete in. Getting anyone on the podium would be a reach but after a no qualifier 2022 a Pioneer or two just might make that trip from Fairfield to Tulsa come next March.

See you sometime soon!

Ted Carreras

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