Season 5,Column 48: Bracket Racket Part 2

Further analysis of this years Division 1 Wrestling brackets reveals a few more questionable seed positions and wrestler omissions.

165-Another question at the 9 as West Virginia’s Peyton Hall, 25-3, champ or finalist in every tournament he’s entered this yr. (1), seems more like a 6. Sliding Michigan’s Cameron Amine to the 7 changes little if anything for him or Michigans title hopes. With Carson Karchla at 8 and up top we will likely see a Karchla-Wick showdown. Yes, please! Finally, Harvard’s Phil Conigliaro at 9 helps set up 4 excellent cross conference first round throwdowns. That does assume Northwestern’s David Ferrante escapes Oregon States Matthew Olguin in the 33-32 match.

174-Wow. Dennis Robin, seeded 31st, is 13-15. Dom Solis, seeded 32nd, is 15-15. Austin Murphy is 12-5. Notice that the significantly larger number is on the left side of Murphys ledger. All of Murphy’s losses are to Conference champs or Top 10 ranked individuals and Murphy wins the ratio war as well, hands down. What Campbells star doesn’t have that West Virginia’s and Marylands athletes do have is a seat at the NCAA table in Detroit. The Scribe tried very hard to justify those decisions. Perhaps you can.

184 A statistical summary:

Greg Harvey, Pitt 10-10, 4-6 conf. (3 of 4 conf. wins vs the SAME guy!)

Chris Weiler, Wisconsin 11-13 6-8 conf.

Max Lyon, Purdue 12-13, 4-8 conf.

Jack Jessen, Northwestern 3-11 2-8 conf.

All are competing at the NCAA Championships. Who isn’t….

Charles Small, Hofstra 18-9 14-5 conf.

DeAndre Nassar Cleveland State 17-6 9-3 conf.

Nassar beat Lyon and has a win over SoCon 197lb champ Matthew Waddell. Small beat Weiler. Go figure.

197-NO conference champ with a winning record and in league dominance deserves being put into the wrestle in match. Nor do they deserve the “wow, forgot about him” treatment. MAC champion Ben Smith of Cleveland State, 20-4, is seeded 29th, suffering a “Lack of MAC” respect as much as Lock Havens 125lb champ Anthony Noto. Ridiculous. As to SoCon champ Matthew Waddells #33 and final spot set at the weight, well, there’s little justification for that either. After moving up from 184 mid January Waddell is 10-1. And, quite frankly, his foe in no way belongs in the wrestle in either. At 19-4 Clarions Will Feldkamp took 2nd in the MAC (see a trend?) Rutgers Greg Bulsak and Navy star Jake Koser (twice) have topped Feldkamp, his only losses till the MAC finals. Does that sound like a resume for “next to last man in” to you?

285-The top 11 seeds seem spot on but it gets a little sloppy and BIG 10 heavy figuratively and literally after that. There’s a good case for Campbells Taye Ghadiali to be higher than 15. The SoCon champs 2 losses? To #10 Nathan Traxler of Virginia Tech and to Central Michigans 2X AA Matt Stencel, the 8th seed. The seeds for 26-4 Isaac Reid of Lock Haven and 25-10 Mike McAleavey of the Citadel seem low at 25 and 28 respectively. 1 bad November day gave Reid 2 of his 4 losses. Only CMUs Stencel and Air Forces #5 ranked and undefeated Wyatt Hendrickson have set Reid back since. McAleavey outpaced multiple major conference stars at both the CKLV and the Southern Scuffle and took Ghadiali to OT in the SoCon finals.

So that’s a simple 2 part summary bracket observations from a (mostly) non Power 5 conference point of view. Hope it made you think.

See you sometime soon!

Ted Carreras

(1) The guy who took two tournament titles from Hall this season? That would be undefeated #2 ranked Southern Scuffle and BIG 12 champ Keegan O’Toole of Missouri.

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