3rd Season, Column 29: Champ Rap

Droppin lines bout

Fine Carolines,


Like da Black and Gold, Top seeded,

But da Pack, howlin, at the fowl in

the corn, for top marks, Shane Sparks

‘n Big 10 soarin, Lions,

Restorin Roarin, but Blue n White


On a hot nite, forkd n knifed

Strife, crowd feelin, leavin seats


Devils ruled that night,

But teams, we mean,

Blacks the color

Golds tha other

THAT team, leans

No way but up, s’up

Nobody to their level

They Disheveled

Da Foe

Will em, wont em

Climb the totem,




Wrote a

Big man story

But Glory

Down n size

Suprise tyges

Bruck trucking n ships,

Burnin, Kolodziks learning

to score more with

NOT Mon-dayne but pain

Still, up high,

Hawks FLY But a full sky,

MountainHawks eyein, Bucks tryin

10 more cryin

to get in through

tha door, Top 4

room for one more

Corn fed dread, a lock

for a spot, near the top,

dont drop

Your sights, feel the hype

From Vegas win nite

“N” da Jerzey fight

In it, ta win it

So’s da Pokes

A no joke season

No real reason

For tha feelin

Just believin

Theyre seasoned

Done it,won it, fun it is

For the griz, ole

Coach, he no Lizzo

Cant sing, dance, but coach


Who else

can shelf

A trophy

A choice, Sofie

You pick, lose or win


BRAUWN’N’WITE. 2020. All rights reserved. @ElCocoGrande