Second Season Column 10

Oh brother, where art thou…oh, right here, upsets and beatdowns in December, the art of the schedule, and Scribe corrections just keep a comin’….

Band of brothers has become a modern meme thanks in no small part to Stephen Ambroses great WWII histories. While we’re at it, lets also give credit to the DePrez and Finesilver families, who collectively are looking at no less than 7 young men related by blood and bonded by sport hunting victory on the mats this season. At Binghamton, the Deprez men occupy 3 spots in the starting lineup, with an additional interesting duo of Head Coach Kyle Borshoff and his brother, Assistant Head Coach Jasen. Redshirt seniors Vincent, at 174, and Anthony, 197 bookend “little” brother Lou, 184, the youngest and so far the most successful, holding down a national ranking.  All have winning records this season and career wise, and 3X NY state champ Lou represented the US on the international scene this year. For good measure the Bearcats also trot out Ian and Padraig Lupole on occasion at the middleweights, just to keep things in the family.

Duke takes this one step further, as 40% of the Blue Devils starting lineup this season hails from one family, the Finesilvers. Josh, Matt, Mitch and Zach go 141, 174, 149, and 165 respectively, with two of the brothers cracking the top 20 nationally. The Scribe has scoured multiple school sites, message boards, etc., and can’t yet come up with the equal of this “Fine” group. Both bands of brothers will only get to enjoy this one season together on the same college team, but what memories they must all be making!


South Dakota State stepped into the post Bono-Reader coaching era and stepped right into a large pile of stuff left by their North Border rivals. Thats the Bison, BTW.  The JackRabbits are 0-3 and on track to be sub .500 after  last years record breaking 14-1 run. Why? Starting off with Arizona State, Oklahoma State, and Minnesota probably has a bit to do with it. Also, their bell cow, defending national champ Seth Gross, has wrestled this year exactly one more time than a dead man due to a chronic bad back. This from a one on one interview granted to Flowrestling.  Add in the subtraction of star in the making 125 lb and national qualifier Connor Brown, now at Wisconsin with Coaches Bono, Reader, and Matt McDonough, and you have some potential season long sad/bad coming to Brookings.

Also in the Hurt Locker, the Oklahoma Sooners, with a schedule bereft of tuneup duals, duals at all really, in the first month of the season, and sub par showings at two of the three tournaments they participated in. And the one dual that wasnt postponed due to weather…well, it was Bedlam, and it was bad. Score it  a 41-2 blowout by Oklahoma St. Something has to give when the overscheduled Sooners meet the hard luck Mountaineers of App State in Boone, NC next week.


125 Connor Schram, Lehigh      Talent undeniable, the AA is sight unseen so far so far this season

133  Seth Gross, South Dakota St                             1 match, 1 win does not a season make for a defending national champ

141. Luke Karam  Lehigh            at least we knew defending national champ Yanni Diakomihalis wasnt going to be ready early. He HAS wrestled a bit, and has won his matches. As if.

Alex Madrigal, George Mason


157.  Gordon Wolf, Lehigh, Eric Hong, American

165.  Jon Jay Chavez, Cornell    Is Milik Dawkins really the answer for the Big Red instead of the returning (we hope) All American and USA international star?

Zach Finesilver, Duke. Yes, that Zach, one match in, one win under the belt.

174.  Michael Kemmerer, Iowa   Deserves a medical redshirt 6th season next year. Wants it.

184.  Ryan Preisch, Lehigh       Doth thou detecteth a trend?

Nick Gravina, Rutgers          No new Stark Industries Shoulder upgrade yet

197.  Kyle Conel, Kent State  Deserves a medical redshirt 6th season. Might not want it.

Jacob Holschlag, Northern Iowa   The Scribe says keep the saddle off the Hog until the duals season gets going in full gear. Midlands, meh.

285.  Chase Singletary, Ohio State/Carter Isley, Northern Iowa/Jeramy Sweaney, Cornell. Theyve wrestled and gotten hurt. Then they all wrestled some more and got hurt some more. Sheesh.

Youssif Hemida, Maryland. He hasnt wrestled yet. Hope he will, like to see Coach McCoy go out with a bang. Oh wait, hes not leaving?

Amar Dhesi, Oregon State. Oh HELL YEAH. Welcome back and Go ON with your bad bi-border self, you Canadian freight train, you. BTW, can you tell Shania hello?


Previous columnar mistakes by the Scribe include and are hopefully limited to the date of the Oklahoma-App St dual, the Cornhuskers East Coast Swing, Carolina style, that includes UNC and NC ST but NOT App St. (or GWU or Davidson, for that matter, just sayin). The sleepy, coffee deprived acronymically embarassing inversion of NIU for UNI in the Scribes missive to the talented and gracious Michelle Van Dorn of the Panthers. Private and public apologies, aaaaand….that may be it. If not, please inform. We shall correct.


Ted Carreras