Second Season Column 6

Carolina goes (Pod) Casting, Why the Cliff Keen Weekend, AWL, USA overperforms at U23s, multi-year matchups hot out the box, and an OO-RAH mat message…..

The ACC schools intense competition is flooding the national rankings, and now it’s spilling over to the broadcasting world. 3x National Wrestling Broadcaster of the Year (forever shortened to 3XNWBOTY) Jason Bryant led the way, as per usual, with his now 5 years young Inside VA Tech Wrestling. NC St Head Coach Pat Popolizio followed suit with Pack Mentality Pop ins, Brian Reinhardt hosting. BTW, the excellent online media guide for the Wolfpack bears his signature. Muy bueno, senor Brian! And now the Scribe has found and is enjoying the Coleman Scott show. Two episodes in, it’s a tight, clean, one on one approach, about 20 or so minutes in length, featuring Joe Weider (no, not him, the Master Blaster is 5 years gone, R.I.P.), Coach Scott, and some hard to find honesty in between all the coachspeak. Bonafide AA hvwt  candidate Corey Gilliland-Daniel was the first guest, highlighting episode 2. BTW, the Tar Heels have a good shot to enter the South Beach Duals Dec 29-30th tested AND unbeaten. In fact, the Scribe is of the belief Appalachian St poses a greater challenge to the Tar Heels than Coach Mark Mannings currently confused and off form Cornhuskers squad. And, Nebraska has to come to Chapel Hill. More on the marvelous Mountaineers from Boone, NC, at a later date. Suffice to say App St is the team to beat in the SoCon again this year, and not many will.


1. The AWL, American Wrestling League, is the newest, latest, shiniest iteration of real for pay wrestling in the U.S.

2  So far the number of these leagues formulating and maintaining success is exactly equal to the number of times the Scribe has gone the distance with Sergei Beloglazov. IS RUSSIA; said with heavy accent and not even a shrug.

3. Said shiny new hopeful league settles on Nov. 30th as its inaugural night of competition, hoopla, and hoped for successful start.

4. Said date is exactly the same date that the largest, 2nd oldest, and HIGHLY well established college wrestling tournament, begins its 37th appearance.


6. CKLV, Cliff Keen, Las Vegas AWLCR  American Wrestling League, Cedar Rapids (Iowa). Now, even to the most ardent wrestling fan, let alone your average hard core sports fan (your best hope for growing interest in this sport) what sounds like more fun? Just for the record, the Scribe LOVES Iowa. Its purity, honesty, strength, teams, coaches, wrestlers, past, present, and future, its food, its drink, its women…the latter past tense, but still applicable…BUT…

7. Why, A.W.L., why?


Is right now, baby, and how sweet it is. The latest super-good showing by Team “US” happened in Bucharest, Romania, where a boatload of young studs and studettes served notice they too, are a force to reckoned with. Fine showings and fine metal were accumulated in abundance. Better still, all but two of the mens squad now transitions back to college action. Colton McChrystal has exhausted his eligibility while Virginias Jack Mueller is redshirting this year for 2 more shots at NCAA greatness.  However, those competing this season: David Mcfadden, VA Tech, Hayden Hidlay and Sean Fausz, NC St, Youssif Hemida, Maryland (what were we saying about the ACC?) Ohio States Kollin Moore and Myles Martin, Purdues Christian Brunner, Buffalos Alex Smythe…CAN’T WAIT! As to our amazing women, Korihane Bullock and Alex Glaude brought home precious metal and even more glory for the burgeoning USA womens wrestling program. There’s really only 1 thing to say…USA! USA! USA!


With all due respect to the late, great TV show “The Prisoner” (the 1960s classic, NOT that garbage modern remake) it’s good to see someone, matside at least, again and again. Career long rivalries at high levels make this great sport even more exciting. The renewed for next year multiple showdown set between Jack Mueller and the human buzzsaw, Iowas Austin DeSanto. Add Tariq Wilson of NC St. and Montorie Bridges of Wyoming for another bunch of top ranked matchups at 133 lbs. for seasons to come. The now 3 year running rivalry at 174 lbs between nat. champs Mark Hall of Penn St. and Zahid Valencia of Arizona St. The burgeoning (goodness, theres that word again) hvt. round robin between Gable Steveson of Minnesota, Chase Singletary of Ohio St., Mason Parris of Michigan, and Tony Cassioppi of Iowa, conference foes due to bang heads for at least 3 years running. 157 lbs has already given us a years worth of amazing clashes between Hayden Hidlay (thats HIDE-lay, BTW) of NC St and Kennedy Monday of UNC. The Scribe is especially juiced for this potential 4 year long series between the Wolfpacks national finalist and the Tar Heels uber talented middleweight. Mondays from Texas, just sayin, and his father is 3x Olympian, Gold Medalist, Kenny “Puma” Monday. These showdowns and others like them are the wrestling gifts that just keep on giving.


Reads the tatoo on the massive arms of Sgt. John Stefonowicz of the All Marine wrestling team. He and the rest of the USMCs tip of the spear squad compete in the Greco Roman style for the training aspects, the conditioning, the honor, and because they’re just a bunch of bad men who can. Stefonowicz and 2nd Lt. Jamel Johnson perfectly explain the fighting spirit of these amazing warrior-athletes in Sgt. Timothy Smithers 4 minute video doc. Catch it on line and you’ll want to drop and give yourself 20. Or, as the video quotes Socrates…”By Zeus, I swear an outstanding runner cannot be the equal of an average wrestler.”

See you next week!

Ted Carreras