Second Season Column 5

Devils are blessed, an injury bug infestation, JerzeyBoyz take a tumble, and “HERE COMES THE INCREDIBLE HULK”….*

The hits keep a comin for Coach Zeke Jones and his Arizona State Sun Devils. That team from Tempe is picking up top recruits left and right and seems poised to become the epicenter of West Coast wrestling. With the PAC 12 sitting on the edge of conference status loss ASU will become one of two things: the anchor to a revitalization of the sport for an entire geographic area, or  a jewel to be plucked for the Big 12s coast to coast crown. The former will need more than Cal Baptist going D1 and a second Pacific Northwest team (looking at you,  Wazzou and U-Dub). The latter already has a viable model. Troy Steiners Fresno State Bulldogs put 4,000+ in the stands this season…..FOR THEIR WRESTLE-OFFS! As a Big 12 team. So, what happens? Do the Devils set up shop atop a reconfigured PAC 12 or will they have conference showdowns with the likes of  Oklahoma St, Northern Iowa and West Virginia? Must be nice to be so widely wanted….


John J. Chavez and Ben Darmstadt, Cornell.  Scotty Parker, Ian Brown,  and Connor Schram, Lehigh. Kyle Conel, Kent State. Jacob Warner and Michael Kemerer, Iowa. Stefan Micic, Michigan. Connor Brown, Martin Mueller, and Seth Gross, S. Dakota St. Taylor Lamont, Utah Valley. Boo Llewallen, Oklahoma State. Jacob Holschlag, Northern Iowa. There’s more. Injuries are a driving factor in the push towards a one semester college wrestling season, and 2018 so far has been a munitions factory for those seeking ammo for calendar adjustments.


*OK, we expected one of these. Not even the most hardened Jerzey expat (San Antonio by way of Monmouth Junction, BTW) would have picked Chris Ayres young, hungry Tigers to walk out of Carver-Hawkeye Arena with a W, and they didn’t. 31-10, Iowa, was the final, and while Princeton should be unsatisfied with the result, they can take some pride in the effort. Not so much for a Rutgers squad that has legit expectations for a top ten finish, multiple AAs, and a pair of national championship contenders. The Scribe has loved UVU for a while, BUT….minus their top gun, and 2 time zones out of place, the Wolverines had no business beating a top BIG10 team and a top Big 12 team on the same day. And they damn near did. Utah Valley 15, Nebraska 19, and it WAS that close. Utah Valley 25, Rutgers 14 and it wasn’t that close, as #GangGreen, straight outta Orem, Utah, took 6 straight matches from  R-U to win by double digits.


You know the tune, the words have been changed to protect the copyright…

Gable Steveson,

Bolstered by training days,

Changed into the…..

OK, so maybe he wont become the unstoppable Green rage monster after all, but something big is going to happen when Minnesotas Gable Steveson gets his redshirt pulled this weekend, just in time to face #3 ranked Derek White of Oklahoma St. All sorts of experts have predicted all sorts of lofty results for the true freshman, from AA status lock to National Champion. Lets see if White, the unbeaten Cowboy heavy, is going to be an Abominable matchup for Gable. And on that note, the Scribe will just say thank you, Stan Lee, for everything, and Excelsior!

WhatEVER happened/is happening to….

Mr. Headlock and the Coaches pronounciation guide?

Bo Nickals Salon 21 Commercials?

Matt Kolodziks disrespected status?

David Mirikitani as “The Bachelor?”

The AWLs sense of timing?

Austin Meyers sense of relief?

Anthony Robles and Chris Bonos

Pullup challenge?

“The REAL True Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling Calendar”, with Julia Salata, Leah Howard, Adeline Gray, Michelle Van Dorn, Tamyra Mensah-Stock, Sidney Harbaugh, Helen Maroulis, and featuring a Jason “Burt Reynolds” Bryant foldout centerfold?


See you sometime soon!

Ted Carreras