Second Season Column 4

The Taping of Pelham 1 2 3

Young Mr. Pelham is a fine student athlete toiling for Tom Borellis CMU Chippewas (yes, CHIPPEWAS, Goodness, we love that) The powerful 197 sophomore starter for the Chips walked us through a video tour of the impressive facilities in Mt. Pleasant extolling all the virtues of student athleticism there.  We think, as the Scribe and other fans of CMU, Coach B, his team, and the MAC in particular, were asleep by the third minute. The monotonic delivery of young Mr. Pelhams earnest infomercial cried out for mass media assistance and had the scribe wondering was the Exodus from the 11 time MAC Champions program a sign of ennui? We KNOW its not the town, the conference, the coaching, right, money? Is it money? Probably not that either.  Truth be told, what has shaken and reshaped the totality of the MAC wrestling world for both better and worse can be summed up in two words:

BRIAN SMITH. The uber coach/recruiter removed the Missouri Tigers flag from the failing heart of a four team Big 12 and jammed it directly into the most powerful MAC muscle going. Since then, its been tough going for Coach Tom and all the rest of the MAC masters. Missouri is only getting better, the MAC MUST follow suit. This seasons early results, unfortunately, so far indicate otherwise. Keep watching.




More at a later date!

Ted Carreras