2nd season, 1st WP

Great ideas ending badly in 90 seconds or less

Michael Spinks and Mike Tyson. The Zapruder film. The Charge of the Light Brigade. That guy from South Dakotas TV career. Snyder-Sadulaev II. Yeah, no.  What happened to more ready? Plain just What the H*ll happened? The Dagestan Destroyer filled the  bill and Kyle Snyder tripped over his Caligas. IS RUSSIA. DO SVIDANYA.

Just to be VERY clear,  the Scribe loves his team USA, loves their precious medal haul, and loves their upward trend, BUT….damn, that hurt. S’ok, we’ll be back. Just remember these universal truths: Russia; better wrestling through Chemistry….

The USA…founders of the John Houseman School of Wrestling

What went well for the US of A…..

Kyle Dakes domination.  Can you say worldwide shutout? No you can’t, and you’re not named Helen Maroulis either.*

J’den Coxs controlled fury. The Woody Strode look-a-like made getting Gold a priority in his life, and now everyone else at 92KG needs to find a new weight class.

DFT. David Taylor. Finally. Fabulous. Freaky. Fantastic. Fun. Other F’s need not apply, it has been acknowledged.

The Gwizz, Nick Gwaizdowski, grabbing Bronze again. He has both hands on the ladder, just  two steps to go.

Joe Colon, in a supporting role as the Bronze Bomber. As you well know, #Joegonnathrow.

Jordan Burroughs, Bronze. Yes, that did indeed go well. That would be 6 medals of the World variety for the pride of Sicklerville, NJ. The medal he wanted? No. A medal he earned the hard way? Yes. Another point of light in his galaxy of brilliance? OK, even his wife thinks that’s a bit much. But accurate.

The Women in Red (White and Blue)

They didn’t have the tournament they wanted, but Terrys Terrors are young, talented, and after some tough results AND a questionable call, or two, even more dangerous. Its now 4X World Champ Adeline Gray, who simply outclassed the field and pretzeled defending World Champ Yasmin Adar of Turkey for a tech fall finals win. Only 2016 Olympic Champ Erica Wiebe of Canada kept things close to Americas female heavyweight champ, as Adeline defeated her gifted North Border rival in a super semis match. Jacarra Winchester came in 5th at her first Sr. Worlds appearance, going 2-2 with a very controversial semis loss to a Belorussian opponent.  at 68KG, Tamyra Mensah-Stock, the unlucky recipient of semifinal floooey against the talented Koumba Larouque of  France, snagged a Bronze instead. 65KG star Forrest Molinari finished 5th as her Canadian conqueror, Danielle Lappage, made the world finals. NO shame there for Forrest in her first time Sr. Worlds Championship appearance. #mynameis_jungle is a baaad young babe, just sayin. While  Jenna Burkert, Whitney Conder,and Erin Clogdo got bumped out early, they represented. And, though she fell by fall in the first round, first match, do NOT downplay the presence of Olympic and World Champ Helen Maroulis. The Golden Girl of American Freestyle Wrestling will be back and GREAT AGAIN at WHATEVER comes next for her.  Early prediction: it will be whatever the H*ll she wants! Ooh, did we forget Sarah Hildebrandts Silver, earned after coming in seeded #1? No, we did not, and neither will any of her first 3 opponents, either, whom she beat by a combined 30-10, falling only to Japanese superstar and defending World Champ Haruna Okuno.  At 62KG Mallory Velte also ran through 3 straight opponents before dropping a semis showdown with eventual World Champ Taybe Yusein of Bulgaria. Velte then Bronzed up with a tough 2-1 win over Brazils Lais Nunes de Oliveira.  Team USA finished 3rd, and they just keep on keepin on. Go ON with your bad selves!

Look Boss, the Season, the Season!

As pretty as the sunrise on Haleakala, and with just as much promise, here come our amazing college men and women. To wit, a buch of random notes…..

Air Forces 157lb Marcus Amico:

  1. Is a D1 Big 12 Varsity wrestler from Alaska. Alaska!
  2. Is a student in Counter Terrorism
  3. Saved his girlfriend from a shark .
  4. At least 2 of those 3 things are big-time.Var

Scribe favorite and (former?) Purdue Heavyweight Shawn “Shreck” Streck should have spared his ex-girlfriend his attention.

Ohio States “Mongoose” Mike Jordan is down at 149 and aiming right at Matt Kolodzik, Anthony Ashnault,, Grant Leeth , Justin Oliver, etc. Ke-Shawn Hayes reward for losing the wrestle-off with Mike? Getting about 4 shots to decipher “The Matrix”, a.k.a. Jason Nolf. Should be fun. Root canal sans anesthesia level.


The Southern Scuffle added two more teams since last column, now nearly two dozen squads will be wrestling and reveling in the Holiday Season Spectacular Jan 1st and 2nd in Chattanooga. Y’all come!

Short on Seniors

Cal Polys roster shows 3 out of 27 final season guys, so Coach Jon Sioredas (Chattanooga ’05) went all in on tournaments for 2018. 6, count ’em 6, for the #RideHigh crew between the Menlo Open and the Midlands. New assistant Head Coach Chris Chionuma will have tough, talented junior Tom Lane at 197 to help spark the Mustangs. They can trade NY to Cali travel stories, as Lane made the trek to San Louis Obispo 3 years ago and Chionuma lands this season fresh in from West Point.

A Reading from the Book of Askren

Rudis, Chapter 1, Podcasts 1-7

And the one gifted with gab and great hair expounded on many things wrestling, and wisdom from the Dernlan was shared, and there was much rejoicing. SO good to have the Benasaurus back. Don’t miss his “Mental Mondays” either.

Whatever happened/is happening to……

The Shots Fired Podcast?

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CMUs retention?

The lack of expectations for Gable Steveson?

Andre Metzgers notoriety?

Wyomings RTC funding?

Wyomings RTC?

Brant Parsons “FL HS Wrestling: A Complete History”

Otto Von Bismarcks Seahorse Open medals?

Brandon Eggums Ebelskiver recipe?

See you sometime soon?

Ted Carreras

*column updated…originally sent privately October 2018